Symphlyx Launchrr

A quick glimpse of the “lite” future


GSD Mobile update

There’s a new update planned for GSD Mobile. What’s holding it back is a new design plan and how it reaches out to my followers and how they can follow my content inshare with them. With a new project in the horizon, it’s important for followers to be able to keep tabs on it.

Il have more info when this update nears and how itl affect you!

Blueprints Awesome

Here are my plans for “Launcher B” (Name pending)

Itl be interesting to see this launcher grow and become something. I really want to get started on this but I know have an eager follower base awaiting new changes coming to Sapphyx Launcher.

“Launcher B” will be based on Chromium OS launcher interface with Sapphyx Launcher implementations and core features I have developed as a launcher developer to deliver a lite launcher to my next target market customers. This will not be a premium launcher experience. The launcher is expected to release on Google Play as an alpha staged application and target inside feedback for sometime untill the project is stable enough to release as a public item. As far as a releade date goes, I do not have a date set. All Inknow is that i screwed up with Sapphyx Launcher with a shitty launch ans by doing this correctly, I can win over a crowd of people.

Widget Badges

A new type of badge will make an appearance in Sapphyx Launcher soon. This badge was originally created in Sapphyx Launcher V1 for bubbles but now returns as a new type of indicator for users. This new badge will inform users if that specific app supports widgets. The badge dissapears when the icon refreshes on your homescreen but retains itself in your app drawer.

A New Launcher?

Ive made some post on Google Plus regarding a new launcher project and yes, I have plans for a new “Lite” launcher for 2019.

This launcher will be designed on a generally easy to use concept based on the chrome os user interface. If you have never used chrome os before…

Its a very basic launcher interface and I believe il be able to pull this off with what knowledge I have learned developing Sapphyx Launcher.

While developing Sapphyx Launcher, Ive realized that ive tried pushing the launcher to my parents and family members but the launcher is so conplex to them, its bot worth their time or always getting lost in what todo. By developing a launcher that’s light weight, easy to use, user friendly, powered by google search features and some other lite featured customization. I think itl be a big hit.

It will be designed for Android Go specifically but offer android users who are new to android, a theme able, user friendly experience. Customization will be limited, one custom widget, no live wallpapers, automatic palette theming, icon pack support, google search and assistant advantages.

Il have more information as this project takes off this year and a blog will be released in due time specifically aimed at the project. Untill than, I have alot of cool stuff coming to Sapphyx Launcher in its LTS update which will be arriving soon!