Lighting the fire

We have many things to sort out yet for icon customization…

Hello everyone, hope you are all enjoying November and getting ready for the upcoming Holidays.

I don’t have anything for you guys this week as what I’ve been working on GCA Launcher so far is still heavily in development and not in a good position to show anything off. A big reveal is coming in the weeks as il be sitting down and talking about the massive changes coming to GCA Launcher, the new features expected the drop, the new Add-Ons you can purchase and the future for 2021.

As a reminder, i have a few donations going on right now you can pledge to. One is for a new android phone and one is for the pine phone.

Don’t forget that GSD now has a mobile app you can download off Google Play called GSD Mobile that makes communication and news a whole lot easier to follow and connect!

See you topside

Icons, Icons and Icons

This week, Icon customization took a step forward in GCA

The Shelf featuring 5 custom icons

Users will be able to pick through icons in icon packs going forward in the 2.1 update. This basically allows users to override the app icon for something they prefer. A whole new ball park of customization. Now, Because users can now override the icon, this disables some editing options to the respective icon. This includes toggling the icon pack and using the raw bitmap of the icon. Once the icon has been modified, the launcher has to gather data differently to extract the icon color and render the bitmap for GCA’s icon database.

Revamped Icon Editing window

Revised tools to edit your icons gives users a better idea how they will look and behave with the changes made. Everything you’ll need to style your homescreen will be provided.

Cleaner App Sheets

With editing tools being removed from app sheets, this makes room for an upcoming feature.

Everything is falling into place and GCA will become a much more user friendly experience in 2021 and feature alot more customization options. Some paid, some free.

Icon Editing Continued

As GCA Launcher moves forward with update 2.1, i wanted to talk about one of the bigger changes coming. GCA Launcher will feature an upgraded icon data base which will include a handful of changes to how you manage your icons.

Because of the massive changes under the hood, i couldn’t rely on real time icon editing anymore which led me to designing and building a dashboard editor. This was because of major memory issues i had to take under control. Their will be a new edit action to app menus which will lead users to a window that will allow them see and edit everything about a specific icon for an app. What we’re able to look at now is just a preview and we will build on it later.

GCA Launcher is becoming a premium launcher this year and with that many changes behind the scenes and under the hood. Im excited to share everything when they start to take form.

Now, their isn’t a whole lot to talk about yet as we are just taking a previous implemented feature and revamping its purpose. Id just like to about some sort of progress every week to build on the progression on the project. In this window, users can see their current icon for a specific app. The options below allow the user to make changes as wanted. After confirming the changes, you select apply and things happen. You can now easily reset all app icon preferences from this window as well which is something we’ve never had. Its a step forward to advancement in GCA features. Everything else will receive a similar treatment of upgrades.

Now, to prep for bigger things, im letting the community know i have 2 fundraisers active now you can pledge to instead of the launcher pledge system. I would like to raise enough money to purchase 2 new devices to work with as i don’t have many things to work with. The first device is a Pine Phone, If you’ve never heard of it, its worth a google search on ypur lunch time or bed time stroll on the internet. Its about 200 dollars (shipping and expenses included). The second device id like to own is something premium, something high spec i don’t own to push the limits of GCA Launcher. So i would have a low range, mid range and high range device to optimize performance and reliability to all users. This would also allow me to get the launcher optimized for hardware restrictions so it would lock out features that it may not support or suggest not to.

Il drop links below and you can choose which pledge to support, these will be active until the US new years.

Again, thank you for the support guys. I have alot of people hoping for good things for this project but i need equipment to make it happen. Nova launcher, Lawnchair and Action Launcher didn’t become gods over night, lets knock down the competition next year.

GSD Mobile is back!

Since its mia in 2018, GSD Mobile had always been a place were my followers could get the news they wanted to see for the specific app that i stole a piece of their heart with. Now its better than ever with its revised GUI and new material component re-design.

The GUI is based on Sapphyx Launcher’s settings interface and if you had any experience with that project, the revised interface may give you that fluffy feeling back. With the new components stealing the show, the interface is clean and google like. Nothing confusing or fancy, it just works. By pressing the hamburger menu or dragging from the left side screen, you can expand the drawer menu to quickly navigate to a category of news or just use the minibar interface.

Blogs have summary activities where if you click on a blog, the app will summarize it and give you some options of how to react to the post.

Vidocs can now be viewed in hoise with the new youtube player api used to build my own Playlist. This Playlist os manually maintained in the background and il update it as new vidocs are published or interesting videos you may like to see.

Apps, Libraries and Photography can also be viewed in the app. Any images downloaded are kept in the apps private directory (you can figure out this location with some research on ypur device as it may be different based on OS standards)

All of the content is shareable so be sure to spread the word! GCA Launcher 2.1 news is coming! So keep an eye out!