GCA Paid Features

With the release of GCA Launcher 2 around the corner and exiting the beta phase on Google Play, I wanted to provide a list of features that will be considered paid features in GCA on release. This list will continue to grow as new ones are released or evolve.

I want everyone to understand that GCA is on its 3rd year of development. Alot of ups and downs. Its not based on any launcher project to exist, its code is 110% original and is a very unique experience. If we want that experience to grow and further itself, i need a way to fund the project and time i want to invest in. The Pledges got us to where the launcher stands now, imagine a constant flow of income? Regular updates, security updates, new features on a regular basis, more device and platform support, just all positive. With my life going in all sorts of positive directions, my projects are actually not exactly important to whom i interact with on a daily basis so making sure my time is invested carefully, i can fight a battle between my personal time for app development and time invested in family and work.

Current list of paid features

  • Adaptive Icon Fallback Type 1
  • Adaptive Icon Fallback Type 2 (there could be a type 3 in development…)
  • Icon Provider (allowing to manually choose custom icons)
  • Custom Icon Provider
  • Dynamic Badges
  • Fluent backgrounds
  • Fluent text shadows
  • Shift Companion Page
  • People Lock
  • Options for Adaptive Splash Screens
  • Pledges
  • Themes
  • And more to come

As a reminder, some of the higher tier features do cost more than others but if you purchase a pledge of premium or greater value, they all drop to a standard discounted price.

Some features may appear during weekend prime time at a discounted price as well, some features may even be on a timed release window for events.

I hope no one takes this approach negatively, GCA has been available for 2 years to try on Google play and we’ve had the insider preview available to users to try everything free. I would only hope you had the time to try everything out and decide what features you’d like to have.

These will also have a preview mode so you can see a demo of the feature first before buying it.

See you all around!

GCA2 Insider Preview Is Live!

Just kidding!

No Im Not


The Insider Preview of GCA Launcher 2 is now live but before you jump in, here’s a few things to note!

This is an insider preview which means its a branch off of my developer preview which is where i build an update, give it a test drive for myself and make changes before publishing based on likeness and performance. You should NOT depend on this build as a daily. Have a secondary launcher on hand to fallback to. GCA Launcher 2 will be published on Google Play when i am satisfied with it. I am in no hurry. The launcher will use a private way of introducing updates to users before launch. Once the update is published, the ota updater will just act like notifier.

Everything in this build is not final, it can change at any moments notice or be up for discussion in the telegram group chat.

I highly suggest installing No’Me launcher manager from google play. Not because im the mad mind behind that app as well but its very handy to allow yourself to switch launchers during testing.

Do not distribute this apk / build to any other site without my permission, its just not worth it.

You will need to uninstall the Google Play version of GCA Launcher FIRST before installing the Insider Preview. It is a debug signed apk so license and permissions and databases will collide and make your life miserable.

Report your findings to the telegram channel and not the Google Play review site. I am actually not interested in you using the insider build of GCA Launcher 2 unless you make an effort to communicate back in the group chat (Unless your an xda blog writer, your reasons are obvious) . No one will bite, i promise and any user who judges you because of your feedback will be monitored.

Their are many theme and style issues. Please report them as you discover them. Report any crashes, freezes, spelling errors or unwanted results to the channel. I want to hear it all. Please attach logs when deemed necessary to help take correct action. I already have a long list of issues i have personally discovered but il be comparing them to live audience. Also take a look at the interface of settings windows. Could they be simpler? Are they complicated? Are yoy confused when approaching a settings window.

Everything in the Insider Preview is Free. Premium features will be identified and allow you to purchase them ahead of launch during testing but you wont be obligated to make any purchases. This allows us to note if any changes are deemed necessary and test them accurately.

Suggestions and Ideas are gold jerry. Please talk to us in the channel. GCA Launcher was inspired by chromium OS and as their may be obvious differences, we still focus on some similarities for the mobile environment.

I am Me. I am currently the only developer in the GCA Project. I have spent lockdown redefining the goals of GCA Launcher and hope that i have made promising results.

GCA Launcher code is completely home brew. It is in no way shape or form related to Googles Launcher3 or Pixel launcher source code. If any feature is ported over, it is completely reinvented from the ground up. There are many obvious features i have tried reinventing from other launchers but have approached the ideas from different angles so they provide different results. It is intended to be unique from other launcher experiences and work well with large devices and one handed instances.

GCA Launcher is designed on an os compatibility awareness api meaning some features will be locked out or removed if your device cant support it. I have done everything in my power to make everything back ported as far back as possible. Even going as far as building a custom icon database to allow (homebrew) adaptive icons for anything below android 8. GCA Launcher even supports Android Go but with limitations. These limitations are to and from the amount of ram/memory your device has, cpu count, os version and skin (Miui, emui). These all affect the performance and reliability of most of the features in GCA Launcher.

As a final note. You know what to. I hope you enjoy tinkering around with GCA Launchers new features and capabilities. Put them to the test, experiment and show me what you have discovered and how you feel about the changes that were made. Thank you for the support team!

GCAL 2 Soon

Demoing off GCA’s brand new notification sheet and active notifications in App Sheets

I am finishing up the more complex sessions of GCA Development so that we can head right into the insiders preview builds this month. I will have a vidoc available to watch in the next few days to lead us into this brand new journey of custom launchers.

Stay tuned!

GCA Launcher Insider Dev Update

Im expecting the developer preview of GCA Launcher to be available by March to Telegram group members.

Right now, Im finishing up development on the brand new features. People Lock, which allows users to lock apps in the Shelf, Groups, and App Drawer. Brand new badge indicators to show users action priority. Brand new Badge features and options. A brand new Color Scheme system were users can select through a theme selection that was very similar to the theme selector in V1. Finally ofcourse is the brand new companion page that hasnt been revealed yet of which allows users to have various tools on their homescreen.

With the release of Android 11 and Android 12, development has slowed just because it brings immediate attention for support. Releasing GCA Launcher 2.1 does have hopes to support the latest right out of the gates. All i ask is to have patience.

Translation for priority languages will come over time this year as patches. English will be the main priority language.

GCA Launcher & Add-Ons

Where did November go?

We’re getting closer to the new release of GCA Launcher and the one topic everyone wants to hear more about are Add-Ons

Add-Ons will not only keep the launcher experience kicking and fuel the project, but its something that really hasn’t been explored in premium launchers before? As GCA Launcher goes deeper into development, im starting to rework previous features in more depth. One thing ive been working on this and last month has been Active Notifications.

When as app like Facebook presents a notification to the user, the app sheet shows a particular new item called a notification card or an active notification. This notification can be previewed and activated from the app sheet even if you’ve accidently dismissed it from the statusbar. This is one step forward to allow the user to take control of their desktop. To further enhance their android experience. Now, if this doesn’t toot the horn for notification handling enhancements, Dynamic Badges (similar to those found in Nova Launcher) will be available as an Add-On. Badges have been reworked to look better, behave better and do more.

With the Add-On feature, we are simply replacing the idea of a pro key. It just doesn’t work in this day and age anymore. The developer offers a subscription or pro key, you buy it, your offered everything going forward. 3 years later, the developer isn’t making any money, updates slow down, the users get upset, what’s the problem? The developer is no longer making an income thus losing prophitability to work on any updates going forward. What usually happens that side projects are invested in to help build the funding. How this will work in GCA Launcher is that the now Pledge system will be completely reworked to be an Add-On store (Drywall included). Users browse the categories of Add-Ons for specific categories of settings. An example would be badges, you’d see Dynamic Notifications. It would cost some change to buy it, you unlock it after purchase and now that option is available. There will be theme options for the launcher settings, there will be icon customization options, and more. This allows the user to pick and choose what they need for their homescreen setup and keeps funding alive as sometime down the road, you may end up buying all the options just to have them. As updates come to GCA Launcher, so will new premium add-ons. Pledges will remain the same but have a more balanced system with the add-ons in place. The ota stats system will also be reworked so the system can create its own goals based on what the user base puts forward to support development.

Why pro features? Why add-Ons? GCA was to be a free app, what happened? Simply put, it grew. Its database got complex, the user base requested more, the community grew and what i thought to be a small project grew out of balance requiring funding. I personally would like to see development jump into a sequel next year or a more complex version of GCA Launcher come to light but before that is able to happen, I need the project to make money so that’s where that stands.

The GCA Launcher Insider preview will start the first quarter of January as it has been abit complicated to get it moving. Many changes have been implemented to allow android 11 to merge in smoothly while adding compatibility to older OS devices. Im opening many doors to develop new features and options to users in the next phase of development. We’re taking premium options to the next level.

Project Update

Hello everyone, hope everyone is healthy and enjoying the last bits of the year remaining.

Everything is still on schedule to release GCA 2.1 the first quarter of 2021 but always keep in mind, things could change as i have a busy life with my recent promotion at my job so I’ve been trying to balance my work life, career life and family life.

I am currently testing and finishing up the icon database in GCA 2.1 which will bring an assortment of changes to the table for customization. I cannot wait to see what the community does with it. The problem with this major upgrade to the launcher app are many bugs interfering with the older platform im slowly upgrading so im making corrections as I work. As i slowly twrak the system, im opening up many possibilities for customization so alot more options are in store.

An insiders preview is expected to drop either the end of the month or next month depending how far i get in the platform. Regardless of when it launches, telegram users will be jnvited to personally test the new platform.

The new update will introduce an upgraded database so we will again lose our previously saved customization in GCA. This will allow you to explore the new options and gui to readjust to change. You’ll also discover pro features on your trail.

The 2.1 update is the largest invested update so far for the community as im challenging myself to building a unique and powerful launcher experience for the next gen while supporting most launcher features supported by other apps. Android R will also start to see some exclusive support as well as the future nears.

Im aware of the upgrades going on with xda at the moment and xda labs being deprecated until a team takes over for it so i will be no longer supporting xda labs and won’t be posting on xda until the mobile side is finished with its updates. Again, il be posting more regular updates on GSD Mobile for GCA Launcher instead of xda due to their current issues and problems that are acquiring with their site platform upgrades.

A New Settings Interface

GCA Launcher 2.1 will bring a brand new user interface inspired by the Fabled Sapphyx Launcher.

The new settings brings a fully revised interface inspired by Sapphyx Launcher and infused with Googles Material Component interface. Its smooth, fast and quick to detect changes made to the launcher. The new launcher database will bring new customization and add-ons users will be able to purchase.

Sharing Thanks

Looking forward to what’s next

Today, I want to share thanks for this amazing community and some awesome followers i have gained through the years of being a developer. Being an android developer is a very difficult job. You spend hundreds of hours communicating with people all around the world to figure out solutions in your products while spending another hundred hours developing thay next big app or feature.

My biggest focus right now is GCA Launcher for Android. 2021 is going to be a big year for the launcher app. I understand its hard to switch launchers as a hardcore android user. You create a dynamic desktop that fits your needs and revolves around your work environments and home environments. The icons, the colors, the personalization, the free and paid features, it all matters. In 2021,im specifically focused on creating a final product. To focus on the people that create the community. “we want more features! We want language support! We want feature x, y and z” You got it!

In the first quarter of 2021, I will be releasing update 2.1. When you ask? When its done. I am focusing carefully on every specific part of the launcher before moving on. A completely new style, new features, more customization, and a new Add-Ons store.

I will also be releasing end of the year updates for Drywall and No’Me soon. These patches will include security updates and bug patches.

In 2021, i have plans to release several new apps to set the bar for my reputation. I have plans for Drywall to become more than a wallpaper dashboard and several other exciting things to come im not ready to talk about.

GCA 2.1 will feature Dynamic Badges

As a reminder, I have several donations running in the background and GSD Mobile is available for download on Google Play.

Popup menus return

Again, I share thanks to the people who helped create this community of good and innovation. There’s a whole lot more from where it came from. A bright future is in store disregarding the pandemics in place.

Lighting the fire

We have many things to sort out yet for icon customization…

Hello everyone, hope you are all enjoying November and getting ready for the upcoming Holidays.

I don’t have anything for you guys this week as what I’ve been working on GCA Launcher so far is still heavily in development and not in a good position to show anything off. A big reveal is coming in the weeks as il be sitting down and talking about the massive changes coming to GCA Launcher, the new features expected the drop, the new Add-Ons you can purchase and the future for 2021.

As a reminder, i have a few donations going on right now you can pledge to. One is for a new android phone and one is for the pine phone.

Don’t forget that GSD now has a mobile app you can download off Google Play called GSD Mobile that makes communication and news a whole lot easier to follow and connect!

See you topside