GCA Paid Features

With the release of GCA Launcher 2 around the corner and exiting the beta phase on Google Play, I wanted to provide a list of features that will be considered paid features in GCA on release. This list will continue to grow as new ones are released or evolve.

I want everyone to understand that GCA is on its 3rd year of development. Alot of ups and downs. Its not based on any launcher project to exist, its code is 110% original and is a very unique experience. If we want that experience to grow and further itself, i need a way to fund the project and time i want to invest in. The Pledges got us to where the launcher stands now, imagine a constant flow of income? Regular updates, security updates, new features on a regular basis, more device and platform support, just all positive. With my life going in all sorts of positive directions, my projects are actually not exactly important to whom i interact with on a daily basis so making sure my time is invested carefully, i can fight a battle between my personal time for app development and time invested in family and work.

Current list of paid features

  • Adaptive Icon Fallback Type 1
  • Adaptive Icon Fallback Type 2 (there could be a type 3 in development…)
  • Icon Provider (allowing to manually choose custom icons)
  • Custom Icon Provider
  • Dynamic Badges
  • Fluent backgrounds
  • Fluent text shadows
  • Shift Companion Page
  • People Lock
  • Options for Adaptive Splash Screens
  • Pledges
  • Themes
  • And more to come

As a reminder, some of the higher tier features do cost more than others but if you purchase a pledge of premium or greater value, they all drop to a standard discounted price.

Some features may appear during weekend prime time at a discounted price as well, some features may even be on a timed release window for events.

I hope no one takes this approach negatively, GCA has been available for 2 years to try on Google play and we’ve had the insider preview available to users to try everything free. I would only hope you had the time to try everything out and decide what features you’d like to have.

These will also have a preview mode so you can see a demo of the feature first before buying it.

See you all around!

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