GCA2 Insider Preview Is Live!

Just kidding!

No Im Not


The Insider Preview of GCA Launcher 2 is now live but before you jump in, here’s a few things to note!

This is an insider preview which means its a branch off of my developer preview which is where i build an update, give it a test drive for myself and make changes before publishing based on likeness and performance. You should NOT depend on this build as a daily. Have a secondary launcher on hand to fallback to. GCA Launcher 2 will be published on Google Play when i am satisfied with it. I am in no hurry. The launcher will use a private way of introducing updates to users before launch. Once the update is published, the ota updater will just act like notifier.

Everything in this build is not final, it can change at any moments notice or be up for discussion in the telegram group chat.

I highly suggest installing No’Me launcher manager from google play. Not because im the mad mind behind that app as well but its very handy to allow yourself to switch launchers during testing.

Do not distribute this apk / build to any other site without my permission, its just not worth it.

You will need to uninstall the Google Play version of GCA Launcher FIRST before installing the Insider Preview. It is a debug signed apk so license and permissions and databases will collide and make your life miserable.

Report your findings to the telegram channel and not the Google Play review site. I am actually not interested in you using the insider build of GCA Launcher 2 unless you make an effort to communicate back in the group chat (Unless your an xda blog writer, your reasons are obvious) . No one will bite, i promise and any user who judges you because of your feedback will be monitored.

Their are many theme and style issues. Please report them as you discover them. Report any crashes, freezes, spelling errors or unwanted results to the channel. I want to hear it all. Please attach logs when deemed necessary to help take correct action. I already have a long list of issues i have personally discovered but il be comparing them to live audience. Also take a look at the interface of settings windows. Could they be simpler? Are they complicated? Are yoy confused when approaching a settings window.

Everything in the Insider Preview is Free. Premium features will be identified and allow you to purchase them ahead of launch during testing but you wont be obligated to make any purchases. This allows us to note if any changes are deemed necessary and test them accurately.

Suggestions and Ideas are gold jerry. Please talk to us in the channel. GCA Launcher was inspired by chromium OS and as their may be obvious differences, we still focus on some similarities for the mobile environment.

I am Me. I am currently the only developer in the GCA Project. I have spent lockdown redefining the goals of GCA Launcher and hope that i have made promising results.

GCA Launcher code is completely home brew. It is in no way shape or form related to Googles Launcher3 or Pixel launcher source code. If any feature is ported over, it is completely reinvented from the ground up. There are many obvious features i have tried reinventing from other launchers but have approached the ideas from different angles so they provide different results. It is intended to be unique from other launcher experiences and work well with large devices and one handed instances.

GCA Launcher is designed on an os compatibility awareness api meaning some features will be locked out or removed if your device cant support it. I have done everything in my power to make everything back ported as far back as possible. Even going as far as building a custom icon database to allow (homebrew) adaptive icons for anything below android 8. GCA Launcher even supports Android Go but with limitations. These limitations are to and from the amount of ram/memory your device has, cpu count, os version and skin (Miui, emui). These all affect the performance and reliability of most of the features in GCA Launcher.

As a final note. You know what to. I hope you enjoy tinkering around with GCA Launchers new features and capabilities. Put them to the test, experiment and show me what you have discovered and how you feel about the changes that were made. Thank you for the support team!

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