GCA Launcher & Add-Ons

Where did November go?

We’re getting closer to the new release of GCA Launcher and the one topic everyone wants to hear more about are Add-Ons

Add-Ons will not only keep the launcher experience kicking and fuel the project, but its something that really hasn’t been explored in premium launchers before? As GCA Launcher goes deeper into development, im starting to rework previous features in more depth. One thing ive been working on this and last month has been Active Notifications.

When as app like Facebook presents a notification to the user, the app sheet shows a particular new item called a notification card or an active notification. This notification can be previewed and activated from the app sheet even if you’ve accidently dismissed it from the statusbar. This is one step forward to allow the user to take control of their desktop. To further enhance their android experience. Now, if this doesn’t toot the horn for notification handling enhancements, Dynamic Badges (similar to those found in Nova Launcher) will be available as an Add-On. Badges have been reworked to look better, behave better and do more.

With the Add-On feature, we are simply replacing the idea of a pro key. It just doesn’t work in this day and age anymore. The developer offers a subscription or pro key, you buy it, your offered everything going forward. 3 years later, the developer isn’t making any money, updates slow down, the users get upset, what’s the problem? The developer is no longer making an income thus losing prophitability to work on any updates going forward. What usually happens that side projects are invested in to help build the funding. How this will work in GCA Launcher is that the now Pledge system will be completely reworked to be an Add-On store (Drywall included). Users browse the categories of Add-Ons for specific categories of settings. An example would be badges, you’d see Dynamic Notifications. It would cost some change to buy it, you unlock it after purchase and now that option is available. There will be theme options for the launcher settings, there will be icon customization options, and more. This allows the user to pick and choose what they need for their homescreen setup and keeps funding alive as sometime down the road, you may end up buying all the options just to have them. As updates come to GCA Launcher, so will new premium add-ons. Pledges will remain the same but have a more balanced system with the add-ons in place. The ota stats system will also be reworked so the system can create its own goals based on what the user base puts forward to support development.

Why pro features? Why add-Ons? GCA was to be a free app, what happened? Simply put, it grew. Its database got complex, the user base requested more, the community grew and what i thought to be a small project grew out of balance requiring funding. I personally would like to see development jump into a sequel next year or a more complex version of GCA Launcher come to light but before that is able to happen, I need the project to make money so that’s where that stands.

The GCA Launcher Insider preview will start the first quarter of January as it has been abit complicated to get it moving. Many changes have been implemented to allow android 11 to merge in smoothly while adding compatibility to older OS devices. Im opening many doors to develop new features and options to users in the next phase of development. We’re taking premium options to the next level.

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