Project Update

Hello everyone, hope everyone is healthy and enjoying the last bits of the year remaining.

Everything is still on schedule to release GCA 2.1 the first quarter of 2021 but always keep in mind, things could change as i have a busy life with my recent promotion at my job so I’ve been trying to balance my work life, career life and family life.

I am currently testing and finishing up the icon database in GCA 2.1 which will bring an assortment of changes to the table for customization. I cannot wait to see what the community does with it. The problem with this major upgrade to the launcher app are many bugs interfering with the older platform im slowly upgrading so im making corrections as I work. As i slowly twrak the system, im opening up many possibilities for customization so alot more options are in store.

An insiders preview is expected to drop either the end of the month or next month depending how far i get in the platform. Regardless of when it launches, telegram users will be jnvited to personally test the new platform.

The new update will introduce an upgraded database so we will again lose our previously saved customization in GCA. This will allow you to explore the new options and gui to readjust to change. You’ll also discover pro features on your trail.

The 2.1 update is the largest invested update so far for the community as im challenging myself to building a unique and powerful launcher experience for the next gen while supporting most launcher features supported by other apps. Android R will also start to see some exclusive support as well as the future nears.

Im aware of the upgrades going on with xda at the moment and xda labs being deprecated until a team takes over for it so i will be no longer supporting xda labs and won’t be posting on xda until the mobile side is finished with its updates. Again, il be posting more regular updates on GSD Mobile for GCA Launcher instead of xda due to their current issues and problems that are acquiring with their site platform upgrades.

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