Sharing Thanks

Looking forward to what’s next

Today, I want to share thanks for this amazing community and some awesome followers i have gained through the years of being a developer. Being an android developer is a very difficult job. You spend hundreds of hours communicating with people all around the world to figure out solutions in your products while spending another hundred hours developing thay next big app or feature.

My biggest focus right now is GCA Launcher for Android. 2021 is going to be a big year for the launcher app. I understand its hard to switch launchers as a hardcore android user. You create a dynamic desktop that fits your needs and revolves around your work environments and home environments. The icons, the colors, the personalization, the free and paid features, it all matters. In 2021,im specifically focused on creating a final product. To focus on the people that create the community. “we want more features! We want language support! We want feature x, y and z” You got it!

In the first quarter of 2021, I will be releasing update 2.1. When you ask? When its done. I am focusing carefully on every specific part of the launcher before moving on. A completely new style, new features, more customization, and a new Add-Ons store.

I will also be releasing end of the year updates for Drywall and No’Me soon. These patches will include security updates and bug patches.

In 2021, i have plans to release several new apps to set the bar for my reputation. I have plans for Drywall to become more than a wallpaper dashboard and several other exciting things to come im not ready to talk about.

GCA 2.1 will feature Dynamic Badges

As a reminder, I have several donations running in the background and GSD Mobile is available for download on Google Play.

Popup menus return

Again, I share thanks to the people who helped create this community of good and innovation. There’s a whole lot more from where it came from. A bright future is in store disregarding the pandemics in place.

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