Lighting the fire

We have many things to sort out yet for icon customization…

Hello everyone, hope you are all enjoying November and getting ready for the upcoming Holidays.

I don’t have anything for you guys this week as what I’ve been working on GCA Launcher so far is still heavily in development and not in a good position to show anything off. A big reveal is coming in the weeks as il be sitting down and talking about the massive changes coming to GCA Launcher, the new features expected the drop, the new Add-Ons you can purchase and the future for 2021.

As a reminder, i have a few donations going on right now you can pledge to. One is for a new android phone and one is for the pine phone.

Don’t forget that GSD now has a mobile app you can download off Google Play called GSD Mobile that makes communication and news a whole lot easier to follow and connect!

See you topside

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