Icons, Icons and Icons

This week, Icon customization took a step forward in GCA

The Shelf featuring 5 custom icons

Users will be able to pick through icons in icon packs going forward in the 2.1 update. This basically allows users to override the app icon for something they prefer. A whole new ball park of customization. Now, Because users can now override the icon, this disables some editing options to the respective icon. This includes toggling the icon pack and using the raw bitmap of the icon. Once the icon has been modified, the launcher has to gather data differently to extract the icon color and render the bitmap for GCA’s icon database.

Revamped Icon Editing window

Revised tools to edit your icons gives users a better idea how they will look and behave with the changes made. Everything you’ll need to style your homescreen will be provided.

Cleaner App Sheets

With editing tools being removed from app sheets, this makes room for an upcoming feature.

Everything is falling into place and GCA will become a much more user friendly experience in 2021 and feature alot more customization options. Some paid, some free.

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